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Ray Lewis initially was held without bail, too Updated Jun 26, 2013
Earlier today, we pointed out a stark contrast between the way the Patriots handled tight end Aaron Hernandez and the way the Ravens handled linebacker Ray Lewis back in 2000. The Pats summarily dumped Hernandez; the Ravens rallied around and defended R…
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  • Bernard Pierce’s mother thinks he was targeted Jun 26, 2013
    As the AFC draft picks head out, and the NFC draft picks head in, the NFL doesn’t lack for subject matter for this week’s Rookie Symposium. But if they needed more, the mother of Ravens running back Bernard Pierce said she thinks her son was deliberatel…
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  • It's fair to debate whether Ravens or Patriots got better tight end class in '10

    Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have been more productive, but their predraft red flags have resurfacedOver the past three seasons, New England Patriots tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have been the NFL¿s most productive tight-end tande…
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  • The reigning champs get their Mt. Rushmore Jun 26, 2013
    We’re down to the last two franchises, and they’re pretty good ones. On Thursday, the Ravens get their Mt. Rushmore. On Friday, the Steelers. Even though the Ravens have been around only since 1996, a pair of Super Bowl wins made it hard to narrow the f…
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  • Will Suggs and Dumervil become most productive Ravens' pass-rushing duo ever? Jun 26, 2013
    Boulware and McCrary had the longevity, Pryce and Thomas combined for best single seasonThe talk started not long after Elvis Dumervil passed his physical and put his name on a Ravens contract in late March. The Ravens had finally found another proven p…
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  • Vonta Leach’s agent: I think it will be the Dolphins Jun 26, 2013
    Fullback Vonta Leach hasn’t suffered from a lack of interest since the Ravens released him, but no one has made him an offer so compelling that he’s decided to shut down talks and sign on the dotted line. When he does get to that point, his agent Ralph …
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  • Ravens take swing at Miami fans, miss badly Jun 26, 2013
    Finally, the Ravens have done something that fairly can be characterized as dumb. On Tuesday, the team tweeted a taunt to Miami, proclaiming “BALTIMORE sure knows how to throw a party!!!” and posting side-by-side photos of the post-championship celebrat…
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