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Jacksonville Jaguars News and Rumors

  • No-huddle plan for Houston? Jaguars would be OK with that

    No-huddle plan for Houston? Jaguars would be OK with that Updated Nov 13, 2012
    Throughout the first half of the season, the Jaguars used the no-huddle offense as a necessity - when they were getting blown out. But at the point when Trying Something New is beneficial, the Jaguars got rid of the huddle early and often in last week”
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  • RTC: Pagano gives Colts a purpose

    RTC: Pagano gives Colts a purpose Nov 13, 2012
    Reading the coverage ... Houston Texans “And now, for their encore performance, the Texans need to crush the Jacksonville Jaguars like a June bug under a bulldozer,” writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, looking ahead to Jaguars-Texans. Defens
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  • Video - Blogger Blitz: Stock Watch 03:05

    Blogger Blitz: Stock Watch

    Nov 13
    AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky goes around the division to look at some players who have been pleasant surprises and some who have been disappointments

Sports Columnists

  • Kerry J. Byrne: Inside the numbers: Week 11

    Nov 13
    The Philadelphia Eagles managed the near-impossible Sunday: They out-dumbed America's Dumbest Team, the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Don Banks: As proven in Week 10, concussion recognition still an inexact s…

    Nov 13
    Week 10 in the NFL saw the vexing issue of concussions raise its ugly (and groggy) head again, with three starting quarterbacks in the NFC going down like so many bowling pins. Michael Vick on the East Coast, Alex Smith on the West Coast and Jay Cutler …
  • Peter King: Big Ben injury puts Ravens in AFC North driver's seat; mail

    Nov 13
    In the wake of the Week 10 news:
  • Jim Trotter: Awards Watch: Week 10

    Nov 13
    The pulse of the NFL season changes weekly. Every Tuesday, will break down the front-runners for the major NFL awards.