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Kevin Love catches up with his father while wearing old man mak…

Kevin Love catches up with his father while wearing old man makeup, looks creepily like his old man (VIDEO) Updated Dec 3, 2012
Last month we alerted you to the ongoing cola ads featuring Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving and Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love dressed up as sexagenarians, hustling a group of playground ballers along the way. Today, we bring you somet…
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Sports Columnists

  • East Side -- Shorter NBA season unnecessary

    Dec 3
    Shorten the season? There's too much money in an 82-game season, and losing a few games does little to help anyone.
  • West Side - NBA schedule should be 78 games

    Dec 3
    No reason to sit starters if NBA scales back regular season by four games.
  • Lee Jenkins: Magic make it personal by beating, embarrassing Howard in win

    Dec 3
    LOS ANGELES -- One by one, the Orlando Magic walked over to the Lakers bench, and embraced the amiable big man who left them in August. One by one, they chatted with him and laughed with him and showed how much they missed him. And then, one by one, the…