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Cory Schneider signs for seven-year deal with $6 million cap hi…

Cory Schneider signs for seven-year deal with $6 million cap hit – terrific value for the Devils

Cory Schneider has never played more than 45 games in an NHL season. But starting in 2015-16, he’ll be one of eight (possibly nine) NHL goalies who will make at least $6 million against the cap. Wednesday, shortly after the Kane/Toews signings were anno…
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Sports Columnists

  • Restricted free agent Chandler Parsons and Dallas Mavericks agree to deal,…

    Jul 9
    Restricted free agent Chandler Parsons has signed an offer sheet from the Dallas Mavericks for a three-year deal worth in excess of $45 million.
  • NFL's supplemental draft set for Thursday

    Jul 9
    NFL general managers will have a brief break from their vacations Thursday when they have a chance to participate in a supplemental draft.
  • NBA: How could LeBron James play for Dan Gilbert?

    Jul 9
    LeBron James playing under Cavs owner Dan Gilbert would say a lot about NBA's great owner-player divide.
  • Sources: Cavs, Nets, Celtics partner in trade

    Jul 9
    The Cleveland Cavaliers will trade Jarrett Jack to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday as part of a three-team deal with Boston to create more salary-cap space for the pursuit of LeBron James, according to sources close to the process.