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No Ordinary Joe: Joe Flacco called himself an elite QB, then pr…

No Ordinary Joe: Joe Flacco called himself an elite QB, then prove… Updated Feb 4, 2013
Joe Flacco called himself an elite QB, then proved it with a championship performance. Like Eli Manning before him, he's shattered Super Bowl predictors, says Kerry J. Byrne.
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  • Kerry J. Byrne: Flacco, Eli have turned Super Bowl predictors upside down

    Feb 4
    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco helped prove that there's a very simple formula for building a champion in today's NFL.
  • Don Banks: What's next for Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers

    Feb 4
    NEW ORLEANS -- Having snapped the NFC's three-year Super Bowl winning streak, but continued the NFL's recent trend of seeing a lower-seeded hot team ride postseason momentum all the way to the parade-planning stage, the Baltimore Ravens stand astride th…
  • Clayton: Early Super Bowl favorites for 2013

    Feb 4
    Can the Ravens and 49ers get back? Don't count on it. Here are five teams that should be Super Bowl threats in 2013, writes John Clayton.
  • Don Banks: Imperfect and slowed, but Lewis ends career on top with Ravens

    Feb 4
    NEW ORLEANS -- You don't have to buy everything that Ray Lewis is selling -- and plenty of people don't, me included -- to enjoy the storybook ending that was his "last ride.''