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Jets G.M. candidates included Randy Mueller, too Updated Jan 17, 2013
It’s been difficult to keep track of the various candidates for the Jets G.M. job because, well, there are just too many of them. There’s another one who previously had been unknown. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that former Saints a
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  • Getting To Know: John Idzik

    There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about candidate John Idzik and his qualifications for the Jets’ general manager job so lets try and break down what we know as best as we can… Obviously what stands out about Idzik is his most recent venture w
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  • Jets G.M. hire coming today or tomorrow

    The Jets should draft linebacker Manti Te’o, if for no reason other than gratitude. Te’o's travails have made us all forget, for a while, the dysfunction enveloping the New York Jets.  But we’ll be reminded of it soon, when the Jets hire a General
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  • No Announcement Today Jan 17, 2013
    Brian Costello of the New York Post is reporting that the Jets will not be making an announcement today in regards to their general manager search. We’re a half hour away from 5:00 on the east coast and the Jets have historically gotten their announceme
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  • Hey, Jets’ Fans! Losing Championship Games Is Not A Virtue! Jan 17, 2013
    By Martin Alvin Jets’ fans deserve a lot better than they’re getting. After winning the 1968 Championship Game, and SB III, way back in 1969, and since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Jets have gone to only four AFC Championship Games - 1982, 1998,
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  • Bart Scott: New York Jets lack talent

    From the outside, it appears the New York Jets had a bevy of issues this season. There were various distractions, led by the Tim Tebow saga. There was poor coaching, particularly on offense. The Jets also had back-biting teammates who ran to the media w…
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  • GM Watch: Down to Two? Jan 17, 2013
    Rumors are rampant that today is the day that the Jets will pick their GM by this afternoon.  From what we hear it’s down to two candidates, neither if which will be named Tom Gamble. We know … we know … and we’ll get to it later, but sufficed to
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  • Jets Sign OT D.J. Young Jan 17, 2013
    In what is likely to be the final move without a new general manager in place, the Jets have signed former Michigan State offensive tackle D.J. Young. Young spent the 2011 season on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad and competed during the 2012 prese…
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  • Jones To Donate Brain Jan 17, 2013
    Former Jets running back Thomas Jones is just one of many athletes who are faced with uncertain futures as they are left to confront the damage sustained from concussions throughout their careers. Jones, who does not recall how many concussions he has s…
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