• 1975 Redux for Red Sox: Do You Agree With Obstruction Call?

    Summary of 8 articles · Updated Oct 27, 2013
    It was the first time in Series history that a game has ended on an obstruction call. But the story was the same in 1975, between the Red Sox and the Reds. The moment everybody’s talking about following Game 3 of the World Series is the game-ending obstruction call that gave the St. "Just to go over the rule quickly, obstruction is the act of a fielder obstructing a runner when not in the act of fielding a ball. Get this straight: The Red Sox did not lose on a bad call by third-base umpire Jim Joyce and home plate umpire Dana DeMuth. For all of you who want to dumb down baseball to nothing but the American League style of play ridding the game of its 9-vs.-9 origin by including a designated hitter in all games understand that the unforgettable if quirky gem that was World Series Game 3 Saturday night would never have found its place in posterity without National League rules.
    • Four late-inning moments that were overshadowed by the obstruction call

      The moment everybody’s talking about following Game 3 of the World Series is the game-ending obstruction call that gave the St. Louis Cardinals a 5-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox. And rightfully so, since it was a wild play and the first time a World…
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    • Obstruction — Explaining MLB’s rule 7.06

      ST. LOUIS — Class was in session Saturday night at Busch Stadium. Three umpires and former major league manager sat on a dais and tried explaining obstruction — rule No. 7.06 — to a bunch of reporters after Game 3 of the World Series. Get your pencil, s…
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    • Obstruction call wasn't the rule that cost Red Sox Game 3

      The Cardinals won Game 3 on an obstruction call, but Boston struggled long before that play.
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  • John Farrell — obstruction rule ‘needs to have some area in there for intent’

    ST. LOUIS — John Farrell has a really bad idea he'd like you all to hear about. Farrell, the skipper of the Boston Red Sox, wants to add the component of intent to obstruction rule No. 7.06, forever made famous in the St. Louis Cardinals 5-4 victory in …
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    • Intent not needed to make call, umpires say

      They were all in agreement -- umpiring crew chief John Hirschbeck, third-base umpire Jim Joyce, plate umpire Dana DeMuth and executive vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre -- about the obstruction call against the Boston Red Sox.
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  • Allen Craig’s double put Cards in business before obstruction led to his ‘Kirk Gibson’ moment

    ST. LOUIS — Before he tripped over Will Middlebrooks, stumbled home and bellyflopped at the plate — before an obstruction call decided Game 3 of the World Series in the St. Louis Cardinals' favor — Allen Craig stepped to the plate as a pinch hitter in t…
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