• A Championship Built in Carroll’s Image

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Feb 4, 2014
    But in searching through the Seahawks’ media notes, I came across a section dedicated to Carroll’s beliefs: : It’s all about the ball “You win by taking care of the football,” Carroll said. Competition “Practice is everything, it’s where we make us,” Carroll said. It’s noteworthy that Carroll said, “You don’t even have to worry about the game.’’ But Pete Carroll, who was Bradley’s boss in Seattle, showed it can work with good players when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl Sunday. The party ended just in time for Carroll to attend his news conference, where the subjects discussed during the weeklong buildup to the game his coaching style, his philosophies, his lone season with the Jets after Sunday had more resonance, now that the Seahawks were champions. Every coach at every level says these things, right? But Garrett has a sign in the team meeting room that reads, “The ball, the ball, the ball,” stressing the importance of the turnover ratio.
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    • How similar are Jason Garrett, Pete Carroll?

      IRVING, Texas -- Maybe Jason Garrett is more like Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll than we know. The Dallas Cowboys' coach doesn’t chew gum like Carroll. He’s not as rambunctious on the sidelines as Carroll. He doesn’t count Macklemore as one of his …
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  • Pete Carroll shows the Gus Bradley philosophy will work with the right players

    Gus Bradley brought a philosophy and a vision to the Jaguars when he was named the team’s coach last year. He stressed improving rather than winning, staying the wins would come if the players kept improving every day. It’s too early to tell whether Bra…

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