• Aaron Rodgers lost vision, but sees a new future for himself

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 3, 2012
    “I actually lost vision for a second there,” Rodgers said. “I was obviously happy to see those guys back,” Rodgers said. The refs said Rodgers could have stayed in, but there was a reason he didn’t. “I couldn’t see very well. Rodgers also said he was wearing a microphone for NFL Films during the Saints game, and that microphone picked up some choice comments about the officials. “The way that the reviews have gone now with them reviewing all scoring plays and turnovers as well, you would think that would just continue to encourage a late whistle because if it is ruled a turnover, and there wasn’t a whistle for down by contact, you can go back and review that upstairs and make sure it was a turnover.”
    • Aaron Rodgers named NFC offensive player of week

      Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was chosen as the NFC offensive player of the week after engineering Green Bay’s Week Four win over the New Orleans Saints, 28-27. The defending NFL Most Valuable Player completed 31-of-41 passes for 319 yards, four tou
    • Aaron Rodgers finds mistake from regular refs “frustrating”

      Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the most critical players of the NFL’s use of replacement officials, and he was glad when the lockout ended and the regular refs came back. At least, he was glad until he saw the regular refs work on Sunday.

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