• Accepting nominations for Colts’ Mt. Rushmore

    Summary of 18 articles · Updated May 24, 2013
    Possibly, too many to fit on one Mt. Rushmore. Over the next few days, the nominations process will conclude and the voting will start and, in two weeks, the process of unveiling each team’s Mt. Rushmore will begin, on NBC Sports Network’sPro Football Talk. But we’ll consider any nominations as we put the list of 12 finalists together.  The process of nominating candidates for the Pro Football Talk Mt. Rushmore turns from the NFC to the AFC, and the first AFC team is one of the NFL teams that joined the A...
    • The Browns wrap up the Mt. Rushmore nomination process

      I didn’t plan it this way, but what the hell. On the same day that I’ve come to Cleveland for a cameo in the Kevin Costner film Draft Day, we’re concluding the Mt. Rushmore nomination process with the Cleveland Browns. In the comments, nominate your
    • At least one Mt. Rushmore is made of steel, not stone

      We’re getting close to the conclusion of the Mt. Rushmore nomination process, and one of the last teams on the docket will create some of the biggest headaches for folks who’ll try to decide who’s in and who’s out. The Steelers, who won four Super
    • Nominate some Bengals for their Mt. Rushmore

      As we launch into the last of the eight division’s Mt. Rushmore nomination process, we’ll start with the franchise whose best days could be coming up very soon. As in, this year. For now, though, you’ll have to draw on the past when coming up with t
    • Mt. Rushmore nomination process runs the 65 Toss Power Trap

      With six teams to go, let’s turn our attention to the franchise that produced six Pro Bowlers in 2012. And somehow only two wins. But the Chiefs have had plenty of proud moments, dating back to participation in the first Super Bowl. Here’s your chance
    • Jets’ Mt. Rushmore may not have many recent faces

      The process for nominating players, coaches, etc. to each team’s Mt. Rushmore has made its way back to Broadway, with the Jets officially on the clock. For Fireman Ed and company, the challenge is to show us your nominees for the four greatest contribut
    • Good luck narrowing the Miami Mt. Rushmore to four

      It’s been a while since the Dolphins have had many dominant players. But they had more than their fair share in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. So many that it won’t be easy to trim the list of all-time great Dolphins to four. You get your chance belo
    • Bills’ Mt. Rushmore could get crowded

      Only one team made it to four straight Super Bowls. But, like every team, the Buffalo Bills are limited to four heads on their version of Mt. Rushmore. So nominate the best of the Bills below. And we realize it won’t be easy. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas,
    • It’s Texans Mt. Rushmore nomination time

      Plenty of Titans fans complained when we lumped the Houston Oilers in with the Tennessee Mt. Rushmore. They think the all-time great Oilers stayed in Houston, and that the Texans should inherit them for the purposes of figuring out the best four. We’d a

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