• Andre Drummond doesn’t need a ball to practice his handle in the airport (Videos)

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Aug 30, 2013
    Any seduction campaign that was thorough and persistent enough to earn not only a follow-back but also a dead-serious write-up in a real American newspaper is a Hall of Fame moment in NBA offseason history. Andre Drummond won the summer. And then, last night ... Yes. Andre Drummond won the summer. Now you know. Since then, Drummond appears to have sent McCurdy gifts, including [a teddy] bear." To go Goro with it, on a third hand, I feel like that little Honky Tonk Man hip-swivel in the second Vine would b...
    Source: yahoo.com
  • FYI: Andre Drummond Won the Summer

    Over the past few months we've done our fair share of due diligence with the Pistons, a.k.a. America's Team, a.k.a. You Just Got Dunked On. But nothin...
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