• Another fine Villanueva outing leads to a Cubs win

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Apr 19, 2013
    "Yesterday, today, it was ugly," Villanueva said. "We had no idea. And yet, Miller started to ring up Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Villanueva for the first out, when he stopped himself abruptly in the middle of calling strike three. Villanueva just stood at home plate and looked on with bemusement for a moment until Miller made it clear he hadn't called strike three and the at-bat should continue. After the Cubs and Rangers were rained out Wednesday, the projection for Thursday afternoon's series finale looked just as bleak. Miller's stunted call drew laughter from the Cubs' TV booth, where analyst Jim Deshaies said: Whoops! Sorry, fellas. But as gametime drew nearer, the two teams felt they had a window of time to sneak in the ballgame, with both teams prepping for a getaway day and the Rangers not scheduled for another trip to Wrigley Field this season. By about 5 p.m.
    Source: MLB.com
  • ‘Umpire’s balk’: Bill Miller has second thoughts about third strike

    Was it famed international recording star Enrico Pallazzo or just Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad behind home plate Tuesday at Wrigley Field? Someone posing as an umpire got into real man in blue Bill Miller on Thursday and gave one of the funniest non…
    Source: yahoo.com

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