• Arian Foster on improving the Pro Bowl: Goodell’s not taking the hits

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 25, 2013
    Texans running back Arian Foster says he respects the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants players to play harder in the Pro Bowl. You can’t go play pickup football,” Foster said. There are two ways this can play out for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during Super Bowl week in New Orleans. They will lay all their recent struggles at Goodell's doorstep and wait eagerly for their chance to make him feel their pain. Though Saints fans would be wise to look at their team's power structure when assig...
  • NFL playoffs -- Roger Goodell should expect rude welcome

    Roger Goodell's visit to New Orleans will allow embittered Saints fans to get closure, writes Jeffri Chadiha.
    Source: ESPN.com

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