• Bears’ Mt. Rushmore stirs up debate over the omission of Ditka

    Summary of 39 articles · Updated Jun 20, 2013
    It makes Ditka special, but it doesn’t warrant a slot on the team’s Mt. Rushmore.  The Bills may not want a Mt. Rushmore.  And the 12th man nearly put itself onto the Seattle Mt. Rushmore. Pro Football Talk has had an interesting ongoing series this off-season, asking fans to vote for their favorite team’s Mt. Rushmore meaning, the four most iconic figures in the history of that franchise. There are now 17 Mt. Rushmores in the U.S.  Watch the segment to see Kuselias lose the debate.  Here are some other links this morning. … Here’s our story on what the NFL’s new rules outlawing most bags in stadiums may mean for Seahawk fans; Here’s our notebook that includes an update on the backup QB spot and the death of Dick Mansperger, the first player personnel director in team history; Here’s more on Mansperger from Seahawks.com; USA Today highlights the comments by Brandon Browner on KJR-AM earlier this week when he said he’d “I’d put my hands around” Jim Harbaugh’s neck;
    • When it comes to Pats, it makes sense to put a kicker on Mt. Rushmore

      We agree yet again. When the time came to whittle the Patriots’ all-time greats down to four, PFT Planet and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN made the same selections. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Adam Vinatieri. Yes, Vinatieri. With three Super B…
    • Not surprisingly, Namath headlines Jets’ Mt. Rushmore

      To the dismay of many Jets fans, today’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN featured the worst losses in franchise history. To the delight of many Jets fans, the show also included the team’s Mt. Rushmore. Once again, PFT and PFT Planet agreed: Joe Namath, Mark…
    • PFT on NBCSN: Joe Namath, Jets/Patriots Mt. Rushmores

      There are bigger issues in the Patriots world right now than the identity of the four faces that will make up their Mt. Rushmore, but we’ll be revealing them on Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN all the same. In addition to the Patriots, …
    • Vinatieri, Bruschi battling for last spot on Pats’ Mt. Rushmore

      Later today, we’ll pull the sheet off the New England Mt. Rushmore. Based on fan voting, three of the names are pretty much set in, well, stone. The last spot features a race to the finish between kicker Adam Vinatieri and linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Ordin…
    • Chargers Mt. Rushmore likely needs at least one beard

      We’ll wrap up the week on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk with the team that wears lightning bolts and powder blue. And, yes, since Erik Kuselias put Bucco Bruce on the Tampa Mt. Rushmore, chances are he’ll try to put San Diego’s uniforms of yesteryear on thi…
    • Griese, Taylor square off for last spot on Dolphins Mt. Rushmore

      The Dolphins got their Mt. Rushmore today, and three of them were easy: Shula, Marino, Csonka. The only discrepancy between Pro Football Talk and PFT Planet came on the question of whether Bob Griese or Jason Taylor should get the fourth spot. Watch the…
    • Bills’ Mt. Rushmore sparks Smith vs. Reed debate

      For three of the spots on the Bills’ Mt. Rushmore, the process was easy: Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and O.J. Simpson. For the last spot, things got slightly more complex. I gave it to receiver Andre Reed, and PFT Planet awarded it to defensive end Bruce…
    • PFT on NBCSN: Don Shula, Dolphins/Bills Mt. Rushmores

      As we run through our series of Mt. Rushmores for each NFL team, we occasionally run into a person who would be a candidate for a Mt. Rushmore that covers the entire NFL rather than just one organization. Don Shula is one such person. He has won more ga…
    • Texans’ Mt. Rushmore blends old and new, relatively speaking

      In the league only 11 years, the Texans waited until their 10th season to make it to the postseason. Which should skew their Mt. Rushmore toward the more recent contributors. It didn’t. In large part because the most important player in team history has…
    • PFT on NBCSN: Frank Wycheck, Texans/Titans Mt. Rushmores

      If we were putting individual plays on the Mt. Rushmores we’ve been putting together for each of the NFL’s 32 teams instead of faces, there’s little doubt that the Music City Miracle would make the cut for the Titans. Frank Wycheck played a major role i…
    • PFT, PFT Planet agree on Colts’ Mt. Rushmore

      Usually, the official Pro Football Talk Mt. Rushmore differs from the PFT Planet version in one of the four heads. On Monday, the two outcomes agreed completely on the blended Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts version. Two players from Baltimore, and two fro…
    • PFT on NBCSN: Fred Taylor, Jags/Colts Mt. Rushmores

      We wrapped up the Mt. Rushmore series for NFC teams last week, which means Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN finds us discussing the defining men of two AFC franchises. The Jaguars and Colts are first up and we’ll have one Jaguars icon on t…
    • Miami’s Mt. Rushmore could have a little 17-0 influence

      It’s been 40 years since the Dolphins won a Super Bowl. But they won a pair of them in consecutive seasons during the ’70s, with one of the best teams the NFL ever has seen. And the only NFL team that navigated the schedule unscathed in the Super Bowl e…
    • The full list of NFC Mt. Rushmores

      There are now 17 Mt. Rushmores in the U.S. The real one in South Dakota, and 16 fictional mountains in every NFC city. We’ll start the process later today in the AFC, with the Colts and Jaguars. (You can vote for the Indy/Baltimore Mt. Rushmore here, an…
    • 12th man finishes fifth for Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore

      The Seahawks have retired No. 12, in honor of the team’s fans — the 12th man. And the 12th man nearly put itself onto the Seattle Mt. Rushmore. The fans narrowly missed inclusion in both the Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and the PFT Planet version’s of the…
    • Morning kickoff --- Seahawks' Mt. Rushmore, and more

      Pro Football Talk has had an interesting ongoing series this off-season, asking fans to vote for their favorite team’s Mt. Rushmore — meaning, the four most iconic figures in the history of that franchise. Friday, they hit on the Seahawks —- you can see…
    • PFT on NBCSN: Steve Largent, Cardinals/Seahawks Mt. Rushmores

      We unveiled the members of the Rams Mt. Rushmore on Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, but Friday’s show will feature some other players near and dear to the hearts of St. Louis football fans. It’s time for the Cardinals Mt. Rushmore
    • PFT Live: Steve Largent, PFT calls and tweets

      It’s Friday, which means it is time to hear from PFT Planet during PFT Live. Before we get to your calls and tweets, however, Mike Florio will welcome former Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent to the program ahead of Friday’s afternoon unveiling of
    • Rams’ Mt. Rushmore creates widely diverging opinions

      For a franchise that has won only one Super Bowl and that has suffered through nine straight non-winning seasons, the Rams can still put together one hell of a Mt. Rushmore. If anyone can come up with a consensus as to who should be on it. My list, unve…
    • Current, future 49ers will have a hard time crashing their Mt. Rushmore

      For more than a few teams, it’s been difficult to carve out a four-man Mt. Rushmore. For the 49ers, it doesn’t get much easier. The four choices were so clear and obvious that it’ll take a lot for any current or future 49ers player, coach, owner, or
    • PFT on NBCSN: Ronnie Lott, 49ers/Rams Mt. Rushmores

      Ronnie Lott is a Hall of Famer, a four-time Super Bowl champ and one of the finest defensive backs of any generation, but is that enough to get him a spot on the 49ers’ Mt. Rushmore. We’ll find out during Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network on Thu
    • 49ers, Rams Mt. Rushmore voting closes today

      We’re back to two-a-days on NBCSN tonight, with the unveiling of the 49ers and Rams Mt. Rushmores. For both, the voting has paled in comparison to the numbers generated by the NFC North teams. Which I’ve mentioned specifically to shame the 49ers and R
    • Carving Cardinals’ Mt. Rushmore harder than it looks

      We’ll make the turn in the Mt. Rushmore process with the Arizona Cardinals. A franchise that boasts far more longevity than success presents another challenge when it comes to cutting the 12 Mt. Rushmore finalists to four. Cast your ballots below. The w
    • Should Favre be on Packers Mt. Rushmore, or shouldn’t he?

      The annual game of should-I-or-shouldn’t-I retire played by Brett Favre from 2002 through 2011 has yielded a broader question for Packers fans everywhere. Should he, or shouldn’t he, be on the team’s Mt. Rushmore? On Wednesday’s edition of Pro Foo
    • PFT on NBCSN: Jerry Kramer, Packers Mt. Rushmore

      Vince Lombardi’s 100th birthday was on June 11 and there’s likely a gift coming his way on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN. We’re unveiling the Packers Mt. Rushmore during the program and it would be a pretty enormous upset to learn that th
    • Mt. Rainier’s team gets its Mt. Rushmore

      The Seahawks are one of the newer NFL teams in the grand scheme of things. And they’ve only played in one Super Bowl, which they lost. Still, it’s not easy to cut 12 finalists to four for the team’s Mt. Rushmore. Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent
    • Packers’ Mt. Rushmore voting hits the home stretch

      The fourth spot on the PFT Planet version of the Packers’ Mt. Rushmore remains undecided. Three are essentially locked in. For the Abe Lincoln position, it’s down to Reggie White and Curly Lambeau. White, who won in a landslide for the Eagles’ Mt. R
    • PFT on NBCSN: Dick Butkus, Bears Mt. Rushmore

      The Bears have had a few great middle linebackers in their history, including Dick Butkus. Butkus will join the Pro Football Talk on NBCSN crew on Tuesday to talk about the organization’s Mt. Rushmore, which will be revealed during the program. He’s o
    • Rams Mt. Rushmore candidates stretch from L.A. to St. Louis

      The Rams started in Cleveland before moving to Los Angeles and then, 18 years ago, to St. Louis. For the franchise’s Mt. Rushmore, however, the first stop yields to the last two. All 12 finalists come from the L.A. or St. Louis eras, with no one from th

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