• Belichick doesn’t hate Tim Tebow

    Summary of 64 articles · Updated Jun 13, 2013
    Belichick didn’t hate Tebow in October and he doesn’t hate him now. If Bill Belichick does indeed hate Tim Tebow, he has a funny way of showing it. Tim Tebow’s NFL career is not over. Going back to last October Belichick talked a lot about Tebow before the Patriots played the Jets: “When he’s the quarterback, he’s the quarterback: He can run, he can throw, he can run the option, he can run their regular offense,” Belichick said. Tim Tebow is back in the AFC East. About two hours before Tebow spoke, Belichick was even more non-communicative than usual, which is really saying something, as he tried to swat away Tebow questions, doing his best to guarantee Tebow’s presence doesn’t overwhelm his team like it did with the Jets. Tim Tebow quickly adapted to the culture Bill Belichick has developed with the Patriots by saying nothing remotely revealing in a 40-second semi-prepared statement and then refusing to take questions on the first day of his new job.
    • Belichick mum on Tebow's progress in minicamp

      FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) -- One day of practice wasn't enough for Patriots coach Bill Belichick to share his thoughts on new backup quarterback Tim Tebow.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Why The Patriots are the perfect team for Tebow

      Qb Tim Tebow signed with the New England Patriots and reported to their mini-camp Tuesday morning to begin his journey with his new team. Tebow was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos when Josh McDaniels was their headcoach, but before that…
    • Robert Kraft: Tebow 'very competitive, works hard, has great attitude'

      Kraft mentioned Tebow's spirituality as something that is appealing to him personally.
      Source: boston.com
    • Brady: 'Fun couple days' with Tebow on board

      Tom Brady on Wednesday gave a thumbs up on the team's acquisition of Tim Tebow.
    • QB Mallett welcomes competition from Tebow

      Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett said he welcomes the competition from Tim Tebow.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Belichick says skipping OTAs 'is what it is,' and he offers no Tebow evaluation

      Unlike Tuesday, when nearly every question Bill Belichick fielded was about Tim Tebow, it wasn't until the sixth question of Wednesday's press conference that a reporter inquired about the quarterback.
      Source: boston.com
    • Patriots Minicamp Pictures

      Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels Brandon Spikes Aqib Talib Aaron Hernandez and Tebow reuniting Tim Tebow throwing a pass Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Ryan Mallett
    • Belichick to reporters: I’m not giving minute-by-minute Tebow news

      If anyone thinks Tim Tebow is going to be the center of attention in New England this summer, Patriots coach Bill Belichick would like to nip that in the bud. Asked by a reporter today about Tebow improving as a passer, Belichick told the media not to b…
    • Cam Newton's happy for his old teammate, Tim Tebow

      Cam Newton flashed a grin when he heard Tim Tebow's name in a reporter's question.Click to Continue »
    • Belichick Not Judging Tebow After 1 Practice

      New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick isn't ready to give his impressions of Tim Tebow after one practice.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Caption this: Brady, McDaniels and Tebow

      The New England Patriots made huge headlines by signing popular quarterback Tim Tebow to a two-year contract this week. Tebow had his first practice with the team Tuesday during the start of mandatory minicamp. That brings us to our latest “Caption This
      Source: ESPN.com
    • At first Patriots practice, Tim Tebow watches and learns

      Tebow Mania, it turns out, might be as boring as a Bill Belichick press conference.
      Source: boston.com
    • Rex Ryan hoping Tim Tebow replaces Tom Brady

      FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The biggest distraction and arguably the biggest letdown in franchise history signed with their divisional rival on Monday afternoon and the New York Jets produced a collective shrug. Yes, Tim Tebow overshadowed the franchise much o
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Tebow could be a Rudy in New England

      So what do the Patriots plan to do with quarterback Tim Tebow? Our buddy Tom Curran of CSN New England joined PFT Live on Tuesday to discuss the topic. One possibility, as postulated by Curran, is that coach Bill Belichick wants the other players on the…
    • On Pro Football: Unlike Jets, Patriots May Get Lift From Tebow

      Those who can’t imagine any role for Tim Tebow with the Patriots haven’t been paying attention to Bill Belichick’s history with reclamation projects.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Tebow’s Debut With Patriots Reveals Little

      Tim Tebow was at the start of a Patriots’ three-day minicamp, but Coach Bill Belichick did not say how he planned to use him.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Tebow on joining Pats: Will 'be a lot of fun'

      Tim Tebow said Tuesday it was "an honor" to be able to play for Bill Belichick and learn from Tom Brady, saying he expects his time with the New England Patriots "to be a lot of fun."
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Broncos happy to see Tim Tebow get another NFL opportunity

      Tim Tebow hasn't thrown a pass for the Broncos since a short fourth-and-goal attempt in a 45-10 playoff loss to the New England Patriots in 2012. But his former Denver teammates and coaches are glad he's back.
    • Tebow in New England Might Make Sense

      So the New England Patriots now have a left-handed quarterback with a scatter arm, a flair for the dramatic and a feel for leadership.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Tim Tebow made no sense for the Cowboys

      Now that Tim Tebow has landed in New England, let’s discuss the Cowboys interest. The club had none. This isn’t a knock on Tebow, although there is no shortage of critics who delight in piling on the quarterback these days. It has to do with style. Te
    • Patriots ready to capitalize on marketable Tebow

      Before Tim Tebow even had a number on the New England Patriots roster, his jersey was already selling online at the team’s pro shop for $99.95.
      Source: boston.com
    • Rex says he’s rooting for Tebow - to replace Brady

      The Patriots might be trying to downplay the addition of Tim Tebow, but at least one opposing coach is rooting for him. In fact, Jets coach Rex Ryan would like to see Tebow atop the Patriots depth chart, because that would mean Tom Brady isn’t. Asked if
    • Tebow meets media on his first day with Patriots

      FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) Tim Tebow is back on the field with an NFL team - the New England Patriots.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Practice Report: Tim Tebow mostly a spectator at first Patriots practice

      After working with coaches for about 10 minutes after practice, Tebow greeted a throng of at least 50 media members with a statement about joining the Patriots. He even showed a little humility and humor in his answer, mentioning that his teams haven't …
      Source: boston.com
    • Tebow gives statement, takes no questions post-practice

      It’s was obvious going in the Patriots wanted to keep from fanning the flames of Tebowmania. In fact, it appears their strategy is to remove the fuel from the media, and hope the sparks don’t catch fire. After coach Bill Belichick did his regular Beli
    • AFC North's obligatory Tim Tebow post

      You thought the AFC North blog would be one of the Tebow-free places on the site. Well, you thought wrong. Tim Tebow officially signed with the New England Patriots, the team announced on Tuesday. How does that have anything to do with this division? Te…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Tebow Gets a Chance With Patriots

      Tim Tebow was handed another chance in the National Football League on Tuesday when the New England Patriots signed the quarterback to an undisclosed deal.
    • Two things make Patriots the perfect landing spot for Tebow; mail

      Just when you thought he was out, Tim Tebow found an NFL home, and the ideal one at that. Two things made the Pats the best landing spot for Tebow, writes Peter King.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Rewind past Jets disaster: Tebow’s time as Denver’s quarterback provides a link to his future

      Moving past the obvious "WTF" factor, the inevitable media circus that will now hit Foxboro hard, and his clear limitations as a quarterback, one must now ruminate as to precisely how one Tim Tebow fits into the New England Patriots' plans. He…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • #HotSportsTakes: If You Can't Root for Tim Tebow, You Can't Root for America

      Every now and then, we will attempt to write the worst sports column on earth. Today: Let's talk about Tim Tebow and the New England Patriots and hope...
      Source: grantland.com
    • Belichick will hold a press conference tomorrow

      Catch Patriots headcoach Bill Belichick on NFL Network, and ESPN at 10:45 a.m. I’m certain Belichick will get pounded with Tebow questions and he will answer them in Belichick fashion, but should be interesting. Here is the schedule for the Patriots tom
    • Silver reiterates report that Belichick isn’t a fan of Tebow

      Last month, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Patriots coach Bill Belichick “hates” Tim Tebow as a player. In the wake of Belichick’s decision to give Tebow a job, Silver has reiterated his belief, based on a team source, that Belichick isn
    • Patriots bringing Tim Tebow into the fold

      Since April 29, the day Tim Tebow was released by the Jets, there has been speculation the polarizing quarterback would end up in New England.
      Source: boston.com
    • If Patriots are smart, Tim Tebow will sit in 2013

      No doubt, Bill Belichick will spend countless hours this summer locked away in his football cave, figuring out what the Jets and Broncos never could - how to utilize Tim Tebow at tight end, and fullback, and on special teams, and on trick plays inside t
      Source: boston.com
    • In tough job market, Tim Tebow scores big win

      There are many, many opinions about Tim Tebow. Here’s mine: He’s a very fortunate young man. This isn’t about him reportedly being on the cusp of signing with the Patriots. That’s a bonus. No, Tim Tebow is fortunate to have landed an NFL job - p
    • Tim Tebow Finds New Home With New England Patriots

      Tim Tebow is said to be signing with the Patriots, a move that would reunite him with his coach in Denver, Josh McDaniels, the Patriots’ offensive coordinator.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • No. 15 isn’t available for Tebow in New England

      Before any Pats fans flock to the team’s online store to order a No. 15 jersey with Tebow’s name on the back, there’s a problem. Ryan Mallett wears that number. Unless Mallett is getting cut or traded, Tebow will need to finagle the number from Mall
    • With Tim Tebow, Patriots show desperation

      The New England Patriots are set to take a step back offensively in 2013. They lost both starting receivers — Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd -- from last year’s group that led the NFL in scoring and replaced them with mostly unproven players and rookies
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Patriots reportedly to sign Tim Tebow; team visits Texans on Dec. 1

      The Patriots are going to sign former Broncos and Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. Tebow is expected to be at the team’s minicamp Tuesday. The Patriots’ offensive coordinator is Josh McDaniel, who was his head coach with th
      Source: chron.com
    • Belichick gives Tebow chance to prey on Jets

      In a dramatic twist in the Jets’ Tim Tebow saga, the famed quarterback is set to sign with Gang Green’s biggest rival: the New England Patriots, according to a source. Tebow was let go by the Jets after a failed 2013 season.
    • Patriots clear roster spot for Tebow, drop Mike Kafka

      The Patriots haven’t made any announcement about signing Tim Tebow as of yet, but they did announce a couple of roster moves that open up space on the 90-man roster for the former Broncos and Jets quarterback. New England announced that they have releas
  • Tim Tebow must play for big pay

    The splits mean if Tebow is place on injured reserve, his salary would be reduced to $358,000 this year and $398,000 in 2014.
  • Tim Tebow scenario won't faze Patriots' Tom Brady, unlike fragile Mark Sanchez

    Bill Belichick isn’t the only one growing tired of talking about Tim Tebow. The Patriots coach, who has had to deal with Tebowmania for just 36 hours or so, has already cut short questions about everyone’s favorite backup quarterback.
  • Patriots continue minicamp with smaller Tebow crowd

    The Patriots continued minicamp on Wednesday with the fervor over new quarterback Tim Tebow beginning to subside.
    Source: boston.com
  • Tebow contract will speak volumes

    So what are the Patriots’ plans for Tebow? The details aren’t clear, but the details of his contract could provide some clues. Chances are he’ll get a one-year deal for the fourth-year minimum, since no other team was clamoring for his services. If

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