• Bengals' biggest key to success

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    • Broncos' biggest key to success

      The Denver Broncos learned some things during the 2013 NFL season, perhaps even a painful lesson or two. They learned they can score more points than any team in history -- 606 points, to be exact, as they became the first and only member of the 600-poi…
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    • Giants' biggest key to success

      The biggest key to the New York Giants' success over the next three years is a player who's only signed for two of them, and it's not a young player. Quarterback Eli Manning is as vital to his team's success as any player in the league, and the extent t…
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    • Buccaneers' biggest key to success

      Lovie Smith’s Chicago Bears were a consistent contender because they played strong defense. The coach will try to get the same result with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the ingredients are there for that to happen. Smith inherited some special talent in…
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    • Cowboys' biggest key to success

      IRVING, Texas -- Since Tony Romo took over as quarterback, the success of the Dallas Cowboys has mostly centered on Romo's effectiveness. He has played well enough in the past three seasons to throw 90 touchdown passes and get intercepted 39 times, but …
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    • Rams' biggest key to success

      Since the arrival of coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead in 2012, the St. Louis Rams have been headed in an obvious direction. The goal is to build a physical, aggressive team capable of winning games with a power running attack and a stout …
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    • Packers' biggest key to success

      GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers are well positioned to contend in the NFC over the next several years because they have perhaps the NFL’s three most important components in place: Their quarterback, coach and general manager. Their quarterback,…
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    • Chiefs’ biggest key to success

      One of the biggest reasons the Kansas City Chiefs have been unable to sustain success (no back-to-back winning seasons since 2005 and 2006) and have been among the NFL’s worst teams when they haven’t been in the playoffs (four victories or fewer in four…
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    • Saints' biggest key to success

      Drew Brees is 35 years old, but I see no reason to expect any significant drop-off in his performance in the next three seasons -– especially because the savvy quarterback doesn’t rely solely on a big arm. As long as Brees stays healthy, New Orleans sho…
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    • Eagles' biggest key to success

      The elephant in the room when discussing the Philadelphia Eagles' prospects for the next few years is named Nick Foles. If Foles continues to be the quarterback who threw 27 touchdown passes and just two interceptions last season, who led the NFL in pas…
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    • Cardinals' biggest key to success

      The Arizona Cardinals' biggest key to success for the next three seasons can be summed up in one word: offense. How the Cardinals can adapt and adjust on the offensive side of the ball will determine whether they continue to build on the foundation that…
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    • Seahawks' biggest key to success

      Keep doing what you're doing. Those five words are the simple answer to how the Seattle Seahawks can continue their success over the next three seasons. It sounds easy. It isn't. Keeping the core players of a Super Bowl winning team in place is always a…
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    • Redskins' biggest key to success

      Midway through the 2012 season, the narrative surrounding the Redskins’ future had changed. They went from a team headed nowhere to one guided by an exciting young quarterback, capable of big-time wins. A year later that narrative changed, with Robert G…
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    • 49ers' biggest key to success

      The San Francisco 49ers are well positioned to remain as one of the NFL's elite franchises over the next three years. The 49ers have advanced to the NFC Championship Game the past three seasons, cementing themselves as a top franchise. In the next three…
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    • Panthers' biggest key to success

      Three words. Salary cap management. The Carolina Panthers were $16 million over the cap when general manager Dave Gettleman was hired in February 2013. They had little wiggle room to improve a team that had not made the playoffs or had a winning season …
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    • Falcons' biggest key to success

      The Atlanta Falcons plan to be back in Super Bowl contention this season. But it's not just about rebounding from last year's 4-12 campaign. It's about maintaining the success they've had since Mike Smith took over as coach; Smith has posted a 60-36 rec…
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    • Raiders' biggest key to success

      The biggest key to the Oakland Raiders' success over the next three years is the same thing that has evaded the team over the previous decade -- continuity. Consider: Since 2003, the year after the Raiders last enjoyed a winning season, Oakland has empl…
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  • Bears' biggest key to success

    Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, who is a Chicago native, summed things up succinctly when asked about Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's new contract, which pays $126.7 million over seven years. "Are you serious?" McNabb asked on 87.7 The Ga…
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  • Chargers' biggest key to success

    San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano established creating turnovers as a point of emphasis for his unit during the offseason. Pagano’s defense finished with just 17 turnovers forced last season, third fewest in the NFL. However, the Char…
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  • Jets' biggest key to success

    Joe Namath won Super Bowl III 45 years ago, but he remains the most recognizable name and face in New York Jets history -- a testament to his star power and a commentary on the quarterback position. Nearly a half-century later, they're still looking for…
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  • Dolphins' biggest key to success

    The key to success for any NFL franchise is the quarterback position -- and that could not be any more fitting for the Miami Dolphins. Starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill remains a mystery in South Florida. While other quarterbacks in his 2012 draft cla…
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