• Bill Parcells: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is misperceived; ‘I like him a lot’

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jul 17, 2013
    Bill Parcells says outsiders who criticize Jerry Jones have a distorted view of how the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager operates. Parcells doesn't seem like a guy who would take kindly to someone like that. The owner is just blasé about ‘if we win we win, good; if we don’t, that’s all right.’ “But Jerry isn’t like that. I don’t know whether or not people know that. We talk a little bit. I wouldn’t say frequently. We talk a little bit. We talked recently. It’s good.
  • Bill Parcells says that your perception of Jerry Jones is all wrong

    Jerry Jones' reputation is set and nothing, outside of maybe another Super Bowl or two without the team Jimmy Johnson built, is going to change it. And you'd assume that based on what we think of Jones – meddling, unwilling to cede any power, an unquali…
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    • Bill Parcells: Perception of Jerry Jones is distorted

      One of the biggest storylines in Dallas this offseason has been the question of who will be calling the offensive plays this season. Many teams would have discussed it privately and then announced that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan would be taking…

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