• Bill Parcells pleased NFL enforcing padding rules for players

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jul 17, 2013
    “I’m glad that we are enforcing that, because I think that the players sometimes don’t know what’s in their own best interest, and I think wearing proper equipment is definitely in their best interest,” said Parcells, who noted he would fine players for not wearing padding and who was asked specifically about his time with the Giants. Count Bill Parcells among those in favor of the NFL making knee and thigh padding compulsory for players to take the field. Parcells also believes Miami has a shot in the AFC East this season. “I think they’re trying to definitely improve the team, and I’m sure that everybody that’s involved is in agreement with the course of action that they’re taking, so hopefully it will work out for them,” Parcells said. However, the dynamic between Ross, Sparano and Ireland came under scrutiny after the 2010 season when Ross made a pitch for then-Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh with Sparano still under contract.
    • Bill Parcells believes his departure hurt the Dolphins

      Bill Parcells departed his post as a Dolphins executive during the 2010 season, and it’s a move he believes hurt the franchise. “I think my leaving created a situation that was not good for the Dolphins retrospectively,” Parcells, now an ESPN analyst an…
    • Bill Parcells says he would pick Lawrence Taylor to start a franchise, do you agree?

      There was a fascinating question (and answer) to soon-to-be Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Bill Parcells on a conference call. In conference call, Bill Parcells said he would pick Lawrence Taylor if he could start a franchise with one player, past o…
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