• Bob Kravitz: Architect behind Colts' blueprint not stopping to smell the roses

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 2, 2012
    “The minute you stop and smell the roses, you take your eyes off the ball ,” Grigson said. Architect Ryan Grigson isn’t anxious for credit and just wants to be sure his team doesn’t get caught up in all the good things being said about it right now, says Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. I?ve already told them, don?t read or believe the press clippings.? ?But we got over the one hump without our first road win, now we?ll learn how we handle success.?? No matter how the rest of this season goes, it can be safely said Jim Irsay found a solid architect in Grigson. Thirty-four of the 53 guys are either rookies or first-year Colts. ?You want them to be focused enough to keep all the background noise out, but with a young team, you don?t know.? ?It?s funny, just I went to BA?s office, ready to tell him my concerns, and before I could even say anything, he said to me, ?I?ve already addressed that with the team.
    Source: indystar.com
    • RTC: Colts' Grigson wary of positive press

      Reading the coverage… A nice read on the rise of the neurotic quarterback, from Johnette Howard of ESPN.com. Houston Texans Looking at strengths and weaknesses, it’s not hard to predict the Texans’ plan against Buffalo: Run it. John McClain of the H
      Source: ESPN.com

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