• Body found nearby Hernandez's house identified

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    According to FOX 25 in Boston, police are back at Hernandez’s house.  Police spent nearly four hours at Hernandez's house Saturday, from 1:45 p.m. to about 5:30 p.m. On Saturday, Charlie Stagg from nearby Attleboro rode his bike to the Hernandez home, where he spoke to the Boston Herald. This doesn’t means far less important issues relating to the case are irrelevant, such as the possibility that Hernandez will be suspended even if he isn’t arrested or the question of whether the Patriots can recover a la...
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    • Reporters, neighbors hang around outside Hernandez’s home

      Police didn’t return to the North Attleboro, Massachusetts home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Sunday. But the media was still outside, and neighbors were showing up, basically to gawk at it all. According to the Boston Globe, more than 35 mem…
    • Police spend hours at Aaron Hernandez' house as reports mount of impending arrest

      Aaron Hernandez remained a free man Saturday, even as reports mounted that an arrest warrant has been prepared to charge him with interfering with the investigation into the shooting death…Click to Continue »
    • Victim’s sister hopes that media attention will help solve case that has embroiled New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez

      The sister of the Dorchester man found slain in North Attleborough on Monday says she hopes that authorities will get a boost in catching the killer because of the media attention focused on Odin L. Lloyd’s acquaintance, New England Patriots player Aaro…
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    • Family wants 'justice' in Hernandez case

      Family members of the man found slain a mile from New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's house said Friday they are looking for answers about what happened the night he died.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Legal implications of Hernandez arrest warrant

      What exactly does the arrest warrant mean for New England Patriots tight end?
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    • Even with only obstruction of justice charge, Hernandez faces real problems at work

      Thirteen years ago, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis faced double murder charges in Atlanta. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, with an agreement to testify against other defendants. No one was convicted of the killings. While Lewis avo…
    • Aaron Hernandez case starting to look a lot like the Ray Lewis case of 2000

      There were parallels drawn between Aaron Hernandez and O.J. Simpson when Hernandez was spied by the media driving a white SUV as details emerged in the death of associate Odin Lloyd. The famed Simpson chase, in which the former running back and friend A…
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    • Report: Hernandez neighbors heard gunshots early Monday

      It’s been a fluid situation over the past three days for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. The problem is that the fluid hasn’t been flowing in a positive direction for the player. The latest development comes from FOX 25, which reports that neighbors…
    • Family claims Hernandez had connection to victim

      BOSTON (AP) New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had a connection to a homicide victim found in an industrial park near the athlete's home, but family and officials were mum on the nature of their relationship, two days after police first visi…
      Source: CNNSI.com
  • Florida A.D. takes issue with reports on Aaron Hernandez’s past

    As the investigation continues into whether New England tight end Aaron Hernandez played a part in the death of Odin Lloyd, talk has increased that the Patriots should have stayed away from Hernandez in the 2010 NFL draft because of his checkered histor…
    • Aaron Hernandez’s attorney issues statement

      Michael Fee of Boston law firm Ropes and Gray, who are representing New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, issued the following statement on Monday night. "Over the past week, our client, Aaron Hernandez, has been the subject of a relentle…
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    • Aaron Hernandez investigators mum

      State police officers and dogs searched Hernandez's home for more than three hours Saturday.
    • Hernandez situation could persuade other players to be careful during down time before camp

      Regardless of who pulled the trigger and whether a cover up ensued, 27-year-old Odin Lloyd has died. That tragedy all too often gets lost in the fascination with the Aaron Hernandez situation. This doesn’t means far less important issues relating to the…
    • Authorities search home of Pats' Hernandez

      Law enforcement officials were at the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is being investigated in connection with a homicide of an associate, for more than 30.5 hours on Saturday.
    • Police search Aaron Hernandez's home again

      The search of Hernandez's sprawling home and vehicle in North Attleboro began in the afternoon and lasted for more than three hours involving locksmiths and several officers, including one with a crowbar.
    • Sports Briefing | Football: House of Patriots Tight End Is Searched Again

      Police officers searched the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez again Saturday as they continued to investigate a homicide.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • For Aaron Hernandez, trouble has been a lingering opponent

      Aaron Hernandez once said that rejecting UConn to play football for the University of Florida was the best decision he ever made - in part because it allowed him to…Click to Continue »
    • Aaron Hernandez Story May Expose Latest Crack in ‘Patriots Way’

      Twice last year, Aaron Hernandez, a young Patriots star with a troubled past, announced he had changed his ways.
      Source: boston.com
    • No arrests yet in murder of man associated with Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez

      Multiple outlets, including ABC News, reported on Friday that a warrant had been prepared for the arrest of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who would be charged with obstruction of justice. Hernandez, accompanied by his attorney, Michael…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Report: “Paper” warrant issued for Hernandez

      Friday’s ping-pong of published reports regarding whether an arrest warrant for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has, or hasn’t, been issued has culminated in a report from FOX 25 that, indeed, a warrant has been issued. According to the report, it’s …
    • The Stupid, Stupid Implications About Aaron Hernandez's "Ominous" Past

      There's a troubling little narrative brewing in the matter of Aaron Hernandez. Even if the writers promoting it won't put it in so many words, it runs like this: Because Hernandez got into trouble in college, the Patriots should have seen this murder st…
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Timing of Hernandez incident creates dilemma for NFL, Patriots

      When former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in 2000, the situation was resolved well in advance of the opening of training camp. With Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, the timeline creates a major problem for the l…
    • Aaron Hernandez could face NFL suspension without criminal conviction

      There are currently conflicting reports as to whether New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in the recent death of associate Odin Lloyd. If Hernandez is charged and convicted of obstruction of justice or something more serious, his future in th…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Globe reports that there’s no arrest warrant, yet

      Somewhere, CNN is smirking. In response to multiple reports that an arrest warrant has been issued for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, the Boston Globe reports that no arrest warrant has been issued for Hernandez or anyone else in connection with th…
    • Within days of draft, Hernandez threatened Welker

      Stories continue to accumulate about the signs in Aaron Hernandez’s background, stories that paint a more complete if complicated picture about his character. And according to the Boston Globe, he flashed a temper and made threats to one of the Patriots…
    • Report: Arrest Warrant Prepared

      The investigation into Odin Lloyd's murder has taken another turn. An arrest warrant for obstruction of justice has been prepared for Aaron Hernandez, according to reports.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Drafting Hernandez was always risk/reward proposition for Patriots

      NFL teams knew going into the 2010 draft that there were concerns when it came to Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez.
      Source: boston.com
    • Hernandez asked to leave Gillette Stadium today

      Aaron Hernandez was tracked by a media mob yesterday as he left his home and went to Gillette Stadium. Boston Herald reports that Hernandez was allowed into the building but once inside he was instructed to leave. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said he…
    • Aaron Hernandez situation signals that Patriots Way has lost its way

      The Patriots are a football team. They are all about winning football games. Nothing more. The deadly serious Aaron Hernandez situation is the latest reminder of this hard fact.
      Source: boston.com
    • Hernandez Remains Focus of a Media Swarm

      Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez came under police and news media scrutiny shortly after the body of Odin Lloyd, 27, an acquaintance of his, was discovered on Monday.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Patriots will now be second-guessed for drafting, paying Hernandez

      As tight end Aaron Hernandez faces tough questions regarding the death of Odin Lloyd and, eventually, the alleged shooting of Alexander Bradley, the Patriots are facing heavy criticism for taking a chance on Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 dra…
    • Report: Police believe Aaron Hernandez destroyed surveillance system, cellphone

      According to ABC News, Massachusetts State police have obtained a warrant to search the North Attleboro, Mass. home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez based on evidence that the 23-year-old intentionally destroyed the sophisticated securi…
    • Reports about Hernandez background piling up

      With more and more reports about Aaron Hernandez’s potential involvement in a murder investigation, the stories about his previous brushes with the law are only building. And with everyone looking, anything he’s done is bound to come out. Sports Illustr…
    • Report: Aaron Hernandez likely to be arrested

      Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is now considered likely to be arrested in the investigation of the death of a man described as his associate, according to a Sports Illustrated report. It is not clear what the charge against Hernandez is expected to …
    • Aaron Hernandez watch gets absurd as news helicopters follow his car everywhere

      The only thing missing from the increasing Aaron Hernandez circus in Massachusetts was a white Bronco. News helicopters, waiting outside the house of the New England Patriots tight end who finds himself being questioned in a death investigation, followe…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • ABC: Hernandez not ruled out as suspect

      New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect in the execution-style murder of a semi-pro football player, law enforcement sources told ABC News on Thursday.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Storm clouds gathering around Hernandez

      Things are getting worse by the news cycle for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. The latest development comes from Steve Silva of Boston.com, the man who courageously ran with a video camera toward the spot where a bomb was detonated near the finish l…
    • Hernandez accused of shooting a man in February

      Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is in the middle of a police investigation involving the death of man a mile away from his house. While that is going on, now there is a civil lawsuit alleging he shot a Connecticut man in the face in February, accordi…
  • Sports Briefing | Pro Football: Hernandez’s Lawyer Criticizes News Media

    The lawyer for Aaron Hernandez, who has been linked to a week-old homicide investigation, spoke out late Monday, criticizing news media reports suggesting that Hernandez would soon be charged.
    Source: nytimes.com
  • Hernandez’s lawyer speaks out against false reports of arrest warrant

    At a time when it appeared that Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s advisors had planned to concede the battle in the court of public opinion, his lawyer has broken a prior vow of silence. Attorney Michael Fee has issued a statement attacking media rep…
  • Report: Police prepare to search water near Hernandez’s home

    The authorities investigating the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd apparently rested on Sunday. On Monday, they’re back at it. According to Kathryn Sotnik of NECN, police are preparing to enter a body of water near the home of Patriots tight end Aaron He…
  • Search yields apparent “evidence bags” from Hernandez’s home

    When police showed up at the home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Saturday, one possibility became that the authorities were executing the reported “paper” warrant for his arrest on obstruction of justice charges. It quickly became obvious that…
  • Hernandez situation highlights potential dilemma for sports agencies

    On Friday, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez appeared on the cover of the Boston Herald wearing a Muscle Milk hat and an Athletes First hoodie. That same day, the maker of Muscle Milk cut him loose as an endorser. Athletes First hasn’t — and likely won…
  • Another Angel Hernandez controversy leads to classic Buck Showalter ejection (Video)

    <span class="mceItemHidden">Your browser does not support <span class="mceItemHiddenSpellWord">iframes</span>.</span> If I gave you one guess as to which umpire was involved in the most controversial call and …
    Source: yahoo.com
  • Hernandez loses a sponsor

    Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has not yet been arrested, but one of his sponsors isn’t willing to wait around for the outcome. Per multiple reports, CytoSport, Inc. has dropped Hernandez as a paid endorser. CytoSport makes products like Muscle Milk…

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