• Brady with poise? Yeah, Belichick has seen it before

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    Poise, according to coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, is one of Brady's greatest strengths. “Even going back to the first year, we were in some really tight games throughout the year but particularly at the end of the year: the Oakland game in the snow, obviously the Super Bowl, I think Tom showed a lot of poise and composure in those games which is as big as it gets, his first year as a starting quarterback,” Belichick recalled. After Sunday’s win over the Saints, a reporter asked Bill Belichick, “What makes Tom Brady so clutch?” “It could be a bad play that happened or an interception or a turnover or something, he would come to the sideline and say, ‘OK, let’s talk about what happened on that play,’ ” Belichick recalled. If Tom Brady shared that nervousness, he didn’t show it, and hasn’t shown it since he became the starter in the 2001 season. “But even throughout that year, when he first took over for Drew [Bledsoe] and started to become a regular player, we were in a lot of tight games, some we won, some we lost but I never felt that there was a sense of panic of discomfort or anything with Tom.
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    • When heat gets turned up, Tom Brady stays cool

      Those fans who chose to remain at Gillette Stadium might have been nervous when the Patriots offense took the field with Sunday’s game on the line against the Saints: no timeouts, 70 yards to go, touchdown required, 1:13 left.
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    • Belichick explains why Brady is clutch

      After Sunday’s win over the Saints, a reporter asked Bill Belichick, “What makes Tom Brady so clutch?” Belichick pointed to Brady’s ability to stay calm as a factor “pretty much always been a trademark of Tom.” “Even going back to the first year, we wer…
  • Bill Belichick explains process of evaluating injured players

    FOXBOROUGH — In general, Bill Belichick’s answer to any question pertaining to Rob Gronkowski’s health status is a brief, “He’s day to day.”
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