• Brand leaves Mavs for Hawks, source says

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Jul 15, 2013
    The Atlanta Hawks have signed free agent Elton Brand. Free-agent center Elton Brand signed with the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. Brand was the No. 1 overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in the 1999 NBA draft. Brand could have nestled in with a number of championship-worthy teams, but instead he’s decided to rock off to the Atlanta Hawks, according to HoopsHype, moving into a backup role with Atlanta in time for his 15th NBA season. The idea of Elton Brand playing until 2018 is a little farfetched, especially whe...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Free agent Brand signs with Hawks

      The new-look Atlanta Hawks signed two-time All-Star Elton Brand on Monday, picking up a player who can bolster their depth in the frontcourt and provide veteran leadership in the locker room.
      Sources: nba.com ESPN.com
    • Elton Brand agrees to sign with the Atlanta Hawks

      Veteran power forward Elton Brand is the ultimate mid-July free agent find. An intelligent, hard working player that can be signed for a relatively small number alongside the scads of All-Stars and potential All-Stars that dot the initial wave of the fr…
      Source: yahoo.com

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