• Breaking down Matt Elam's $6.767 million contract

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jul 23, 2013
    Rookie received a $3.301 million signing bonusUpon reporting to training camp at team headquarters Sunday and taking his conditioning test, Ravens rookie first-round safety Matt Elam officially signed his $6.767 million contract.
    • Matt Elam saves money without agent, draws praise

      Ravens rookie first-round draft pick Matt Elam negotiated his $6.767 million contract without formal representation, relying primarily on the advice of his brotherBy not hiring an agent and negotiating his own contract, Ravens rookie first-round safety …
    • Elam does good deal without agent

      Perhaps a far bigger threat to the agent industry than hiring Jay-Z is hiring no one at all. Ravens safety Matt Elam, the last pick in the first round, negotiated his own contract. Per a source with knowledge of the details of the deals signed by Elam a…

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