• Breaking Real Bad: Inside the Sam Hurd Drug Case

    Summary of 12 articles · Updated Nov 13, 2013
    The MMQB.com: Inside the drug trafficking case against Sam Hurd Hurd was arrested on Dec. 14, 2011 and indicted on Jan. On Tuesday, the MMQB published an investigation into Hurd’s case that raised questions about the prosecution’s portrayal of Hurd as a drug kingpin. Hurd claimed that his marijuana addiction led him to make bad decisions. Hurd’s six-year NFL career came to an abrupt end one day in 2011 when he went from Bears practice to a Chicago restaurant to meet with two people he thought were Mexican drug dealers but were actually undercover FBI agents. Several times Hurd was given tissues and gently urged to calm himself and take deep breaths by both McCrum and Solis. He allegedly tried to buy more cocaine and marijuana through a cousin, Jesse Tyrone Chavful, and failed two drug tests. Since the life sentence recommendation was made in late July, one comment repeated by sources across the spectrum of partiality has been some version of this reminder: You realize life in prison in the federal system means the next time he comes out of prison it'll be in a coffin.
    Source: CNNSI.com
    • Hurd gets 15 years in prison

      A nervous, repentant Sam Hurd stood before U.S. District court judge Jorge A. Solis on Wednesday in federal court in Dallas and begged for forgiveness and leniency, calling himself "the stupidest drug guy ever." The government had recommended …
    • Report: Sam Hurd smoked and sold pot to 20-25 of his Dallas Cowboys teammates

      IRVING — It’s possible that former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd will spend the rest of his life in prison. A federal judge will make that call tomorrow, sentencing him from between 10 years to life without parole for drug trafficking charges. H…
  • Does Former NFLer Sam Hurd Deserve Life Without Parole For Coke Bust?

    Be sure to take time to read The MMQB's long look at the fall of Sam Hurd, the former Cowboys and Bears receiver who will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to drug trafficking back in March. Michael McKnight's story outlines the complex series of…
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