• Brees stands on desk to support Graham

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Feb 1, 2014
    So Brees made it clear that he fully supports Graham on Friday by standing on radio host Dan Patrick's desk and shouting, "I want Jimmy Graham back!" Of course he does. Two days after Saints quarterback Drew Brees called Jimmy Graham a tight end, a term that carries a certain sensitivity given the looming application of the franchise tag, Brees made it clear that, regardless of label, Brees want Graham to remain with the team. And when Brees was asked earlier this week whether he considers Graham a tight end or receiver by an NBC Sports radio host, Brees said, "He's a tight end. He's a tight end." "We're able to do a lot of creative things with him, just like we're able to do with a lot of our personnel," Brees explained in that Wednesday interview. The labor deal contains a very basic formula, hinging the classification on the position at which Graham took the most snaps. The Saints will argue that the modern tight end position includes having the player line up tight to the tackle at times and in the slot at times and wide at times.

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