• Brewers: We're Sorry Ryan Braun Cheated, Here's A Hot Dog

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jul 29, 2013
    Last week, Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said the Brewers were "working on a way to give back to the fans for going through this," with "this" being Ryan Braun's newfound pariah status. But it's a nice gesture from a team that didn't have to do anything; for all Braun's drawing power over the past few years, the Brewers are still on the hook for $113 million through 2020. “This has been a challenging season for all of us, but the one thing that has never wavered has been the tremendous support we have received from fans who love the Brewers,” the Brewers Mark Attanasio said. The Brewers say this is only the first in a series of promotions they'll be doing as their 43-61 squad plays out the string from the basement of the NL Central. To be more specific, each fan who spins the Miller Park turnstiles during the month of August will receive a $10 voucher that can be used at the stadium's concession stands.
    Source: deadspin.com
    • The Milwaukee Brewers are effectively returning the rest of Ryan Braun’s 2013 salary to their fans

      With their star suspended for the rest of the 2013 season and the team languishing in last place, the Milwaukee Brewers went looking for a way to say 'We're sorry' to their fans.What they found was undoubtedly the best way to apologize: Free food and dr…
      Source: yahoo.com

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