• Browner landed in Stage Three while out of the league

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Dec 1, 2013
    When the NFL realized its error, the league decided to park Browner in Stage Three and move ahead. As we surmised earlier in the week, the league advanced Browner to Stage Three of the substance-abuse program based on drug tests the league tried to impose during the five years that Browner wasn’t employed by any NFL teams. Browner currently faces a suspension of one year, at a minimum, due to a violation of the substance-abuse policy while in Stage Three. Per a league source, when Seahawks cornerback Bran...
    • Browner situation could open can of worms

      The potential legal questions arising from the NFL’s effort to suspend Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner for drug tests he didn’t take while he wasn’t employed by an NFL team sweep far more broadly than Browner. Apart from the potential legal rights o…

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