• Bruce Arians calls the read-option “a great college offense”

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    Cardinals coach Bruce Arians doesn’t think the read-option is going to last in the NFL. But Kelly set the record straight on several shared perceptions about his offense when he was asked Thursday about comments Bruce Arians made the day before about the read-option's being "a great college offense." If Bruce Arians thinks the read-option is a "great college offense" unsuited to the NFL game, that's fine with Chip Kelly. But in Philadelphia Kelly’s offense has been at its best with the immobile Nick Foles, and Arians says that’s because the read-option isn’t an NFL offense. Two, he doesn't run the read-option; he runs the zone-read, "if you want to get really technical." Kelly says his offense, which utilizes zone-read concepts, responds to what the defense presents, and usually, that means not all that much read-option. He made sure his players were taken care of despite not having the luxuries of college football in the 1980s.
    • Kelly doesn't read into criticism

      Eagles coach won't bite on criticism of his read-option offense.
      Source: philly.com
    • Chip Kelly dubs his attack the “See Coast Offense”

      Cardinals coach Bruce Arians recently called the read-option offense a “great college offense.” Eagles coach Chip Kelly doesn’t see that as a slap at his approach, because Kelly doesn’t think he runs the read-option offense. “I don’t think it’s an offen…
    • Arians returns to head coaching roots

      TEMPE, Ariz. – By now, 25 years after Bruce Arians was fired by Tempe University, the streets around Philadelphia are paved. But he's known that. Arians has returned to City of Brotherly Love before as a coach, but never like this. Never as a head coach…
      Source: ESPN.com

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