• Bryant McKinnie sued for $375,000 in strip club bills

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Oct 30, 2012
    Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie says the first he heard that he’s being sued for $375,000 in strip club bills was when he read about it this morning, and he says the owner of the strip club is someone who has repeatedly tried to get money out of him. What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab?" From nbcmiami.com: "Former Miami Hurricanes All-American Bryant McKinnie owes the father of rapping superstar Trick Daddy $375,000 for bills run up at South Florida strip clubs, a new lawsuit says. This time it is a $375,000 lawsuit stemming from allegations that he ran up a hefty tab at two Miami strip clubs.According to the lawsuit filed Monday in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, McKinnie owes the money to Charles “Pop” Young, the father of rapper Trick Daddy. “I got no papers, I was never served,” said McKinnie in a telephone interview on Tuesday. The lockout didn’t cancel any games and therefore the lockout didn’t cost any players any game checks, so if McKinnie’s financial situation was so precarious that the mere possibility of losing a paycheck had him scrambling to find a loan during the lockout, he’s in bad shape. The former Vikings lineman, released last season when he showed up at training camp weighing a bunch more than coach Leslie Frazier wanted, is a big deal in Miami owing to his college career at the University of Miami.
    • Cardinals could have interest in Bryant McKinnie

      With Bryant McKinnie having been demoted out of the starting lineup in Baltimore, and with the Cardinals in desperate need of help on the offensive line, could the Ravens trade McKinnie to Arizona? It’s a possibility explored by Peter King of Sports Ill
    • Bryant McKinnie calls lawsuit from Miami strip clubs a 'bogus story'

      Ravens offensive tackle's wages already being garnished Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is facing another lawsuit demanding payment for an unpaid debt. This time it is a $375,000 lawsuit stemming from allegations that he ran up a hefty tab at tw…

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