• Bucs' double-play combo eager for 2013 season

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 18, 2013
    Consider, also: The American League's gold standard of double-play combinations came out of last October's playoffs injured and scuffling, and the National League's most accomplished combo didn't make it to the postseason party for the first time in six years. Baseball's double-play combinations have remained busybodies this offseason. Consider: It was confirmed only recently that a two-time pennant-winning combo confirmed will stay together heading into camp. 15 game in PNC Park, the Bucs still held the lead for the National League's top Wild Card playoff spot. As ugly as that dislocation was Walker at the time described his right little finger as looking "like a backward 'Z'" until it was snapped back into place he remarkably returned to the starting lineup five days later.
    Source: MLB.com
  • It's been a busy offseason for double-play combos

    With change and uncertainty surrounding several top double-play duos throughout the winter, the middle infield will remain a focus as teams hit the fields in Arizona and Florida for Spring Training.
    Source: MLB.com

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