• Bynum out for opener as 76ers set to face Iguodala

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    It was not Iguodala's decision to go to Denver. Then the only team he had played for in his career celebrated landing an All-Star center in Andrew Bynum, Iguodala feeling forgotten rather quickly. That memory plus some other highlights prodded the fans to give Iguodala a standing ovation until two minutes later when Iguodala next touched the ball and they began booing him and went right on doing it the rest of the night. The night was a struggle for Iguodala individually, too, as the 2012 NBA All-Star and Summer Olympian scored just 11 points on 13 field-goal attempts, missing all four of his 3-point tries and two of his three free throws he looked tentative and awkward throughout his 35 minutes of floor time, and Denver largely followed suit. After the game, Iguodala always a thoughtful quote, even when he's saying things that his former supporters might not particularly enjoy admitted to feeling the kind of totally understandable pressure to which athletes rarely feel comfortable admitting. Usually, he comported himself with grace in the face of ingrates; with class, as critics frothed and spat. He was one of the flashier dunkers in the league and his long road toward stardom was rewarded last season with his first All-Star berth and a gold medal in London playing for the star-studded U.S. men's team.
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    • Andre Iguodala ‘was trying a little too hard’ to ‘destroy’ 76ers in Nuggets’ season-opening loss

      In one of lovely little quirks of the NBA schedule, Andre Iguodala's made his first regular-season appearance as a member of the Denver Nuggets in the familiar - if not necessarily friendly - of the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night, taking on the
    • Phil Sheridan: 76ers' Andrew Bynum is cause for concern

      Maybe it will turn out to be no big deal. Maybe Andrew Bynum will miss November so he's at his best in May and June.
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    • Marcus Hayes: Iguodala deserves to be treated like a returning hero

      ANDRE IGUODALA returns Wednesday night. It is a quirk of fate that brings the Sixers' best player over the past 6 years back to town on their season's opening night; the schedule came out before the Sixers traded Iguodala to Denver.
      Source: philly.com

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