• Calvin Johnson's near-unanimous election

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 14, 2013
    Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson was not a unanimous selection despite smashing the NFL record for yards in a season. “If I would have just done it based on numbers because he broke the record, I would have given it to Calvin. But when I was doing it and maybe I don’t know the criterea my feeling was, the two guys [Marshall and Green] had twice as many touchdowns with less targets.” The news was largely overshadowed by a weekend of divisional playoff games, but we now have a moment to circle back on an issue we didn't hit in our initial post on the topic.
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Tim Ryan: “I love Calvin Johnson”

      On Sunday, I weighed in on why I disagree with Tim Ryan, the former Bears defensive tackle and current FOX analyst who was the only All-Pro voter who didn’t cast a vote for Lions receiver Calvin Johnson. On Monday, Ryan called me and gave me his explana

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