• Canepa: Refs add insult to Gaither’s injury

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 11, 2012
    "I look forward to being out there," Gaither said. A lack of practice time hasn't kept Jared Gaither from playing in the past. According to Turner, it was Gaither’s responsibility to signal to the sideline that he needed to come out, rather than try to tough it out. Six assistant coaches upstairs in the Superdome booth head coach, more assistant coaches, assistants to the assistants, doctors, trainers, water boys, cable carriers, caterers, green flies, kings horses and king’s men on the sideline, and not one realized Gaither, the Chargers left tackle who works the fierce winters in Nepal as a Himalaya, was severely hobbled. He suffered it on the third-to-last play of Sunday night's game against the Saints, playing through the injury despite it clearly hampering his mobility.

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