• Can't argue with Vick's performance

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    "I feel like I have to continue to work hard," said Vick. “We can go a lot faster,” Vick said. And it sounds like he's reaching Michael Vick. Here’s what Vick said after playing very well in his second audition for the starting quarterback job: “I’m having fun playing football and I fell in love with the game again, and I am thankful for that. But, you know, when I first sat down with Coach Kelly, his main concern, his main goal, was to help me get back to tip-top shape and get me to a point where I can be comfortable and believing in myself again, and I thank him for that.”
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    • Can Chip Kelly trust Michael Vick?

      Here are a few thoughts, some deeper than others, following the Eagles’ 14-9 preseason victory over the Carolina Panthers: It made for a good sound bite, but is it really a good sign? That’s the question I’d be asking myself about Michael Vick if I were…
    • Vick Rediscovers Love Of The Game

      After the Eagles’ win over the Carolina Panthers, QB Michael Vick credited Chip Kelly for him “falling in love with the game again.” Vick admitted that the losses and criticism that marred his latest two campaigns got to him: “When things don’t go well …
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    • Eagles see benefits of Chip Kelly system

      PHILADELPHIA -- The Eagles are beginning to see the advantages created by Chip Kelly’s go-go offense. They just have to stay sharp enough to take advantage of them. In Thursday night’s 14-9 preseason victory over Carolina, the Eagles scored just two tou…
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