• Cardinals deal for training camp in Glendale advances

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Mar 6, 2013
    Source: azcentral.com
    • Arizona Cardinals taking a risk by moving training camp from Flagstaff to Glendale

      The Cardinals haven't inspired much romance or nostalgia in their 25 years in Arizona, but we could count on them for one thing every year: a reason to get out of the heat. And now it appears that's going away.
      Source: azcentral.com
  • Arizona Cardinals' camp quandary

    Watching football practice isn't a tradition. It's a waste of time. Sorry, Flagstaff. I'd miss the wailing trains and occasional waft of skunk as much as the next guy. But we can do without training camp in the pine trees.
    Source: azcentral.com

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