• Carlos Boozer parties on a yacht with a dolphin (Photos)

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jun 28, 2013
    Mostly, though, I just wanted to make sure that you guys all knew, in case you didn't already, that Carlos Boozer's brother's name is Charles Boozer. As a result, he’s allowed a nice vacation. With a dolphin. Carlos Boozer rises and grinds and watermarks. And while the former Cyclones reserve left the program under head-shaking circumstances in the spring of 2010 and hasn't been much heard from since, it's possible that time to mature and learn from the mistakes of youth has served the 6-foot-3 guard well...
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    • Bulls invite Carlos Boozer’s little brother, Charles Boozer, to join Summer League team

      For many NBA teams, the hours immediately after the conclusion of the annual NBA draft are nearly as important as the ones leading up to it. That's when front offices spring into action, picking through the cream of the crop among players whose names we…
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