• Carson Palmer thinks every team would accept a gay teammate

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated May 1, 2013
    Carson Palmer has been in the NFL for a decade and played for the Bengals, Raiders and now the Cardinals, and he says he has never seen any reason to believe that an openly gay player would run into discrimination on an NFL team. What would the Colts think about having a gay teammate? Several Colts said they wouldn't be bothered by it. "Our locker room, a younger generation, is very much more accepting because we've been around more gay people. ... “I’ve been around the league a long time and you play wit...
    • Colts players say they would accept a gay teammate

      The trending question from Wednesday's Indianapolis Colts locker room was expected in the wake of the NBA's Jason Collins becoming the first active male athlete from a major sport to reveal he is gay.
      Source: indystar.com

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