• Castillo vs. Bowles: How the Eagles defense has performed statisticall…

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 15, 2012
    ? Bowles' defense has as many sacks in three games as Castillo's did in six games ... ? ... ? Bowles' defense is allowing nearly a full yard more per play than Castillo's defense did . Todd Bowles has had his hands around the entire Eagles defense for three games now, exactly half as long as Juan Castillo had with the 2012 defense. Well, the team hasn't won since, and it's allowed 96 points in the three games it's played since Bowles took over control of the defense. Coach Andy Reid felt a season slipping away as it hit the bye week, and he had, he believed, a capable replacement on staff in Todd Bowles . Castillo's Cubbies had seven, although they bundled four of them in the Game 1 escape against the Browns. Not all 96 are specifically the defense's fault the Cowboys scored two defensive touchdowns and one special teams touchdown against the Eagles on Sunday but it's fair to say the defense has played worse since that move was made.

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