• CB Derek Cox not meeting expectations

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Nov 7, 2013
    — Derek Cox said that he was caught off guard. He shouldn't have been. Cornerback Derek Cox 's time on the sidelines as a reserve could be a short stint. Benched in the third quarter in favor of reserve Johnny Patrick , Cox said he wasn’t taken out because of injury, a comment echoed by San Diego coach Mike McCoy, who confirmed that Cox is healthy. “As they say, life is 10 percent what happens to you,” Cox said, “and it's 90 percent how you respond to what happens to you. I look at it as a challenge. This is what challenges do. You have them. You get through. They make you better. Chargers special teams coach Kevin Spencer worked Thursday with his punt team when a player-only defensive back meeting began away from his instruction. Eric Weddle summoned it. Now, in the back end, those are the plays where you get exposed the most, because it’s usually a long pass play or something where you end up giving up a touchdown where you’re the last line of the defense.
    • Cox, Chargers DBs prep for challenge

      Derek Cox will return to the starting lineup versus the Broncos after a brief benching.

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