• Chicago, Cubs reach Jumbotron deal for Wrigley

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jul 12, 2013
    The Chicago Cubs have reached an agreement with the city that would allow the team to build a left-field Jumbotron at historic Wrigley Field while adding another sign in right field, the team announced Thursday. The Chicago Cubs, who waited decades to install lights at Wrigley Field and have waited more than a century to win a World Series, took a giant step toward ending the wait for something every other team in the majors already has: a JumboTron. Alderman Tom Tunney, whose ward includes Wrigley Field, told the commission that light from the proposed Jumbotron would be seen from blocks away. The city's landmarks commission, which must sign off on such plans because Wrigley is a city landmark, approved a plan Thursday to allow the team to build a first-ever electronic JumboTron and other sign above the ivy-covered outfield walls. In addition, the decision might have moved the Cubs and the city a step closer to a courtroom. Throughout the hearing commissioners expressed concern that the Cubs were risking changing the ballpark so much that fans would turn away. It did so despite objections from the local alderman, who said the signs would harm the quality of life in the neighborhood, and rooftop owners, who complained the signs will cut into their views and devastate their businesses.

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