• Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur doesn't appear to be on the same page with . . . himself: Bill Livingston's Monday Morning Mu

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    "We need to be better at that," Shurmur said. Ohio - Monday Morning Musings, The Personality Disintegration of Pat Shurmur, after the Browns' Sunday home loss to the Baltimore Ravens: 1. The disconnect in coach Pat Shurmur has to be right up there with the seriously bi-polar Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, though. They can’t get plays into the huddle on time, on third and whatever they continue to complete passes for two yards short of whatever, their philosophy on when to punt and when to go for it on fourth d...
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    • Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur saw all the craziness, but didn't stop it - Bill Livingston

      The wild 'n' crazy side of Pat Shurmur's play calling worked no better in Sunday's loss to the Ravens than the conservative one did on some of his red-zone calls Sunday. And no better than his excessive caution in the loss two weeks ago to the Colts.
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  • Pat Shurmur says Cleveland Browns will streamline play calling after loss to Baltimore Ravens

    Shurmur said points of emphasis during the bye week will be play calling, third-down-and-1 offense and red-zone scoring.
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  • Cleveland Browns and NFL A.M. Links: Coach Pat Shurmur not making the right calls; Joe Haden talks about loss; Nick Saban's name

    More mistakes, more questionable play calling and more field goals by Phil Dawson.
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