• Cleveland Browns' Countdown to Kickoff: Is Jason Campbell hurt or overly cautious - Bud Shaw

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    How does Bud Shaw see today's game? Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell throws during the first quarter of the Cleveland Browns vs. After two losses, Jason Campbell was named Cleveland’s starting quarterback. Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell suffered a concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and is being evaluated under the league’s concussion protocol. Campbell's head snapped to the side from the hit, the ball slipped out of his hands and his the back of his head slammed the frozen ground. It was a game-changing play reminiscent of the play on which Drew Brees was forced to fumble by San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks last week except last week the officials threw a flag on Brooks, and this week the officials let Gay get away with it.
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    • Campbell continues to be evaluated

      Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell suffered a concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and is being evaluated under the league’s concussion protocol.
    • Brandon Weeden expected to start for Cleveland Browns on Sunday in place of Jason Campbell; team looking for a new QB

      Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said this afternoon that Jason Campbell, who suffered a concussion Sunday in the loss, came to Berea this morning but then went home.
    • Browns QB shopping after Campbell’s concussion

      The Browns can’t keep quarterbacks on the field, and are especially distressed about the latest change. Browns coach Rob Chudzinski just told reporters that starter Jason Campbell suffered a concussion in yesterday’s loss to the Steelers, and that they’…
    • Browns notebook: QB Campbell leaves with concussion

      CLEVELAND — Quarterback Jason Campbell was harassed for much of the afternoon as the Steelers pressured him from all angles during a 27-11 victory Sunday ...
    • How did William Gay’s high hit on Jason Campbell not get a flag, but Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Drew Brees did?

      Last week, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was called for roughing the passer. Perhaps technically it was a penalty, but it really didn't pass the eye test. Brooks' right arm hit New Orleans' Drew Brees in the chest, with the force of his hit catching Bre…
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    • Browns' QB carousel just keeps spinning

      CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns are back to a familiar spot -- wondering what the heck will happen at quarterback. With Jason Campbell sidelined by a concussion in the loss to Pittsburgh, the Browns appear headed to their fourth quarterback change of …
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    • No-call on Campbell sack hurts chances

      CLEVELAND -- Should it have been a penalty and if it were called would it have mattered? That’s the question the Cleveland Browns might be asking after their 27-11 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a loss that seems to make one play meaningless, b…
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    • Cleveland Browns bow to Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-11; Jason Campbell leaves game with reported concussion

      Third-quarter strip sack causes Campbell to fumble, sets up Steelers TD that turns the tide; Browns drop to 4-7. Steelers are 5-6.
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    • Browns lose Jason Campbell on uncalled blow to head

      When it rains, it pours for the Browns. Cleveland lost a fumble, quarterback Jason Campbell, and quite likely the game after a play on which the Steelers weren’t penalized for a blow to Campbell’s head. Pittsburgh’s William Gay came on a blitz and hit C…
    • Cleveland Browns QB Jason Campbell being checked for head injury, out for rest of game vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

      Campbell was sacked and fumbled, setting up a Pittsburgh touchdown that gave the Steelers a 20-3 lead in the third quarter.
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    • Cleveland Browns' Jason Campbell injury is a bad sign for an already-challenged offense -- Bud Shaw's Halftime Blog

      The degree of difficulty in beating the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger just went up with a first-half injury to Browns' quarterback Jason Campbell.
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    • Cleveland Browns fall, 27-11, to Pittsburgh Steelers: 2013 NFL Megablog

      Keep up to date with instant news and analysis from today's game between the Browns and Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium.
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  • Cleveland Browns pregame thoughts, scribbles and worries as the Steelers are in town: Terry Pluto

    Jason Campbell completed only one pass of more than 10 yards in the loss to the Bengals last week. You can be sure the Steelers will dare him to throw down field.
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