• Clippers 126 Warriors 115: War

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 1, 2013
    The Warriors lost this battle, but I’m far from ready to declare a victor in the war. The Clippers declined to even pray with the Warriors … because, y’know, basketball I guess. Matt Barnes got into it with the Warriors bench while shooting free throws. What were those factors? Well you could point to the road back-to-back, the plane malfunction that required them to fly into LA this morning, tired legs from training camp , extreme rust , or unfamiliarity with the system and new personnel. No Warriors in ...
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    • The Clippers declined to share chapel services with the Warriors prior to a game

      The Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors used to fight to stay out of the Pacific Division cellar, and their most heated stare downs usually came in mid-May, when the two franchises would lock horns at the NBA’s draft lottery, hoping for the r…
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