• Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Almost Ruined Clippers’ Summer; Doc Rivers Could Have Resigned

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 29, 2013
    But bigoted real estate slum lord and Clippers owner Donald Sterling almost ruined the whole thing. He bonded with Rivers when they met for dinner, and Doc sold him on the new-look Clippers competing for a championship with a well-compensated Redick. Regarding the Clippers as winners, or merely a good team? It’s nothing new. Most analysts said the move by Rivers who was also named LA’s senior vice president of basketball operations when Boston sent him over for a first round pick was an excellent way to deepen LA’s bench while simultaneously getting a return on the potential Bledsoe showed in spot-up duty for the Clips. Redick had spurned another equally as lucrative deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to play for a contender like the Clippers. We’ve had years to prepare for this – from the team’s initial run as League Pass darlings during 2000-01 to the Elton Brand-led spree in 2006, followed up by the franchise-altering trade that brought Chris Paul to Los Angeles just after the lockout in 2011.
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    • Donald Sterling Is Still Doing What He Can To Sink The Clippers

      Clipper fans, here is a sobering reminder that despite the fact that your team is better than it has ever been and is poised to supplant the Lakers as the toast of L.A., you are still rooting for a franchise that is owned by a racist shitbag who will al…
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  • Ball Don’t Lie’s 2013-14 Season Previews: Los Angeles Clippers

    After a long, tortuous summer filled with sunny days and absolutely no NBA news of any importance, the 2013-14 season is set to kick off. This means the leaves will change, the cheeks will redden, and 400-some NBA players will ready those aching knees t…
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