• Colts finally get a chance to sack Manning

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    The Colts have to get to Manning first. There are only 11 players still on the roster from when Manning played here. The Colts respect Manning, but they also want to prove they've moved on and they can win without him. In fact, Mathis ability to get pressure and or sack on Manning will be one of the primary factors that decides the game. Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis as the 6-0 Denver Broncos will meet the 4-2 Indianapolis Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium. “You’re looking at an offense, you look at the...
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    • As if playing defensive back in today's NFL isn't hard enough for the Colts, here comes Peyton Manning

      In today's NFL, which has become a weekly air show with quarterbacks throwing at unprecedented rates, it's the defensive backs you feel for.
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    • Colts next to try to slow Manning down

      INDIANAPOLIS -- Greg Manusky had bags under his eyes and his voice was raspy as he stood at the podium addressing the media Thursday afternoon. If you didn’t know the Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator had been battling a cold, you would think he …
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    • Double Coverage: Broncos at Colts

      There will always be games when a player returns, with his new team and wearing a new set of NFL colors, to the city where he once worked. Happens all the time. And then there is this week. When the former face of a franchise, a future Hall of Famer, re…
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    • The weekly NFL spread picks; Broncos or Colts this week?

      The pesky little secret about the Denver Broncos' impressive 6-0 start is they have played a very weak schedule. Maybe it's not much of a secret, especially to Chiefs fans who are happy to bring it up when you point out their team's poor schedule. The B…
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    • Indianapolis defense getting healthy for Broncos

      INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts could have their entire starting defense on the field Sunday against the Broncos.
    • Colts LB Robert Mathis finally gets to hit Peyton Manning

      Tempting as it might have been, Robert Mathis always knew the price for hitting Peyton Manning during any of the thousands of practice sessions in which they faced off was much too high.
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    • Heard in the Colts locker room: Crucial to slowing down Peyton Manning? The Colts' offense

      What was said in and around the Indianapolis Colts' locker room Thursday:
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