• Coples confident he can cope as Jet LB

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jun 5, 2013
    Coples’ approach is likely to be the best one for him to use in his first days as a linebacker. Coples isn’t alone in thinking he can be a solid cover guy. As Bent showed, Coples looks to be successful from anywhere and adding coverage responsibilities won’t slow him down. Now, that doesn’t mean to say that teams won’t motion or put a tight end to his side of the formation, but when Rex Ryan designates players as linebackers most notably rush linebackers they don’t pick up an inordinate amount of coverage...
    • Quinton Coples isn’t worried about covering tight ends

      Quinton Coples wasn’t upset by Jets coach Rex Ryan calling him out for lagging in the weight room and he isn’t sweating one aspect of his transition to outside linebacker either. While the Jets will be looking for Coples to rush passers off the edge,

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