• Coples to Move Into New Role as OLB?

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated May 2, 2013
    This is something that we’d heard rumors about after the team drafted Richardson, that Coples would take on a a role as an OLB. “I definitely see I have to go out and make a lot more plays than I did last year,” Coples said. But when the Jets talked to Coples after they selected Sheldon Richardson, a prototypical defensive tackle, in last week’s draft, Coples was excited about what they told him. The move of Coples apparently is part of the reason why the Jets spent the 13th pick in the draft on Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, likely now grooming for the end spot vacated by Coples. For his part, Coples has been diligently working on making the transition and recognizes he needs to step up to the plate and do more than he did his rookie year. One major problem with the complexity of Rex Ryan’s defensive system is that – with all due respect – many media members don’t understand how the scheme works, or at least simplify things too much when they are writing about the system to give the illusion that they don’t really understand it.
    • BGA: Quinton Coples — Edge Rusher

      One hot topic at the moment concerning the Jets seems to be the news that Quinton Coples has been permanently moved to outside linebacker. As BGA readers will know, this has been a proposition I’ve been intrigued by since the tail end of last season. Af

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