• Could the Angels pull off a stunner to land Tanaka?

    Summary of 24 articles · Updated Jan 13, 2014
    • Yankees, Dodgers and Angels finalists to sign Masahiro Tanaka, according to report from Japan

      Considering all of the false starts and speculative reports we experienced as the Rakuten Golden Eagles contemplated posting Masahiro Tanaka last month, we should probably take the following report with a grain of salt. With that said, we at least have …
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Yankees Get More to Spend as Tanaka Talks to Teams

      The Yankees got $22 million in extra spending money Saturday.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Fortnight remains for Tanaka, potential suitors

      Masahiro Tanaka's posting period ends on Jan. 24, two weeks from Friday. It's go time, and teams are going to Los Angeles to welcome the 25-year-old to the big leagues, hopefully slap their uniform on his back, and resume Hot Stove wheeling and dealing.
      Source: MLB.com
    • Tanaka could put White Sox on express track

      Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams and Robin Ventura were happy to divert themselves to a Los Angeles hotel to meet with Masahiro Tanaka. Like Cuban slugger Jose Abreu, they believe Tanaka could be an instant changer for the organization
      Source: MLB.com
    • Teammate says Tanaka deserves all the hype

      The battle to secure Masahiro Tanaka's services is underway, and as the right-hander begins to negotiate with Major League clubs, one of his former teammates is confident that the hurler will be successful on this side of the Pacific Ocean.
      Source: MLB.com

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Yankees, Dodgers and Angels finalists to sign Masahiro Tanaka, …
The Dodgers want Masahiro Tanaka, but how much will they spend …
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