• Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on penalty problem: ‘We have to focus on it’

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Nov 13, 2012
    “We have to focus on it,” Garrett said. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says he’s happy to take the bad with the good with his quarterback, Tony Romo. The Cowboys owner and general manager said again on Tuesday that Garrett is his choice to continue coaching the Cowboys into the future. “The amazing thing with him is he feels so much and then he can see so much while all of this stuff is going on,” Garrett said Monday. According to Garrett, Romo is doing a better job at making the positive plays and eliminating the negative ones. The play came on third down with the Cowboys trailing 17-10. “A hand comes out and it bounces that over and you got a turnover and you say, ‘Well, there goes Tony.’ Well, the same thing that caused him to do that is the one that caused him to make that absolutely great play when he eluded all of those tacklers and threw it down field,” Jerry Jones said.
    • Jerry Jones: I’m fired up about Jason Garrett; ‘It’s all about Jason with me’

      One week it’s Sean Payton and the next it’s Mike Holmgren. Who will be the next coach mentioned as a possible replacement for Jason Garrett? The Cowboys won on Sunday so the Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden talk will probably have to wait another week, righ
    • Garrett won’t rein Romo in because he’s “a really special player”

      Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says he’s happy to take the bad with the good with his quarterback, Tony Romo. After the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Sunday, Garrett said that he views Romo as a great quarterback because he can improvise and do things when th
  • Jerry Jones: Tony Romo needs to continue eliminating risky plays that can cause turnovers

    Jason Garrett talked Monday about taking the good with the bad when you have Tony Romo at quarterback. “You’re going to have some plays that you don’t like, and you have to live with those, and we’ve had a few of those,” Garrett said. “But at
    • Jason Garrett: Tony Romo had ‘one of the top five (plays) that he’s made since I’ve been around here’ during the Eagles

      Go ahead and call it Romo being Romo, but in a good way and to the extreme. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made the play of the game Sunday at Philadelphia. With the Cowboys trailing the Eagles, 17-10, in the third quarter and their season on the brink, …

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