• Cribbs admits that tampering is happening

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    Browns receiver Josh Cribbs has admitted to ESPN Radio Cleveland that tampering is indeed happening. And he just happens, coincidentally, to also be the one guy to admit that tampering is happening. Or maybe we’ve found the one upcoming free agent as to whom there is no tampering.  "My agent has been meeting with several different teams," Cribbs told ESPN Cleveland Thursday. "There is a lot of interest. The agents for Josh Cribbs have disputed the Browns veteran's statement during a radio show Thursday that they're already negotiating with other teams. Francois, an unrestricted free agent later this month, only has five career starts but he was part of San Francisco's rotation, playing nose tackle and both defensive end spots.
    • Wake-up: Teams tampering with Cribbs?

      I will be rolling out the top salary-cap figures for the Steelers and Ravens today. Just click here to see the ones for the Bengals and Browns from yesterday. Our weekly feature "Eight in the Box" will get posted at noon. With those programmin…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Cribbs’ agent tries to put the tampering toothpaste back in the tube

      Browns receiver Josh Cribbs will become a free agent in less than two weeks.  He said Thursday that his agent is talking to other teams.  Given that Cribbs doesn’t become a free agent until March 12, that’s a problem. So how did Cribbs’ agent solv
  • Cleveland Browns and NFL A.M. Links: Josh Cribbs' agent wants to redo his client's comments; Ben Roethlisberger saves Steelers m

    The NFL could administer fines if what Josh Cribbs said is true.
    Source: cleveland.com
    • Josh Cribbs' agent in 'constant communication' with Cleveland Browns

      Josh Cribbs' agent, Peter Schaffer, anticipates plenty of interest if Cribbs hits the market March 12.
      Source: cleveland.com

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